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Educational Vision


Developing creative and responsible leaders who can contribute to global society through inquiry-based Japanese-English bilingual education


KIA is committed to creating a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters the development of emotionally resilient and open-minded learners, inspiring them to collaborate and take responsibility for their own words and actions as individuals and as members of the community.


  • Agency
  • Respect
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Integrity

It is a generation for change.

“Developing creative and responsible leaders who can contribute to global society through inquiry-based Japanese-English bilingual education”

All programs, activities, study experiences, events and new plans are based on our educational philosophy stated above. We keep reflecting back to it to see if we are achieving what we are aiming to achieve.

“Global leaders”, “Global society” are the terms we often use in the education sector. To develop global leaders through education, we have to understand how the world is developing, how the world’s economy, technology, and politics are changing everyday. We need to learn what is happening around the world, not through passively reading textbooks but through actively participating in events today. 

By executing IB PYP in Japanese-English bilingual, we are able to get access to the latest information on global situations, science and technology, etc. We believe that becoming interested in current world events and then to research, reflect and react on these issues with self-initiation is where the objective of education lies. 

It is no doubt that learning English is important to be active in global society. At KIA, we have developed our Japanese-English program to cover multiple subject areas that prepare students for a 21st century education and for the change yet to come.


Global vision

Everyone at KIA are considered leaders. Teachers, parents and students are leaders. We teach our students to be responsible for their own studies. We expect our students not to learn passively but to develop their own thought while learning and explain their view critically and clearly. In order to do so, we often guide and offer opportunities for our students to build and gain experience in skills like research, presentation, and debates. There are further opportunities for our students to express their opinion on how the school should improve and what they can do to help make the school a better environment for everyone.

Also, it is important for students to consider who we are and where we are in place and time because this will help the students maintain their identity while becoming a global leader.


The graduates from our school are stepping forward to become a leader in a global society. Our education at our elementary school changes rapidly with the changes in our society. We believe that our educational philosophy of “developing leaders who can contribute to global society through Japanese-English bilingual education,” is preparing our students for the ever changing future.